About Trendystickers

TrendyStickers helps you decorate your home.

We believe it should be easy to decorate. With TrendyStickers you can in a simple and modern way change a boring atmosphere to something filled with character and style in the palette of your choice fitting your mood and lifestyle. Then when you feel like a change, you can very simply change motif and colors in a snap.

You can apply TrendyStickers to almost any surface. You’ll get the best results if you apply our stickers to plain smooth surfaces – but they can be applied without problems to surfaces such as painted wallpaper, windows, tiles, doors, plaster, mirrors, tables, chairs, refrigerators – your imagination is the limit!

TrendyStickers Wallstickers are self-adhesive stickers made of a very thin high-tech vinyl foil. It only takes minutes to apply to a surface and it can be just as easily removed again when you feel like a change. TrendyStickers does not leave sticky residue or glue on the surface when removed and our stickers can last for several years.

We produce all stickers in-house which means we can create custom stickers based on virtually any design. We can even customize all our existing designs for you. Just write to us using our handy contact form and let us know the details of the design you want and what size/color you want it in (if applicable) and we will get back to you. 

About the company

TrendyStickers.dk was founded in early 2008 and has rapidly expanded the selection of designs to include thousands of designs in addition to our enormous quote database – and new designs are being added daily.

TrendyStickers manufactures all wallstickers, wallpapers and photo prints in-house which means we can offer an enormous range of designs in many colors and sizes. Currently we, for example, offer our standard wallsticker designs in 3 to 6 different sizes and 19 different colors. This solidifies our position as one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of wallstickers.

Our growth has been enormous throughout the last year and due to our rapid success we are continuously expanding our web presence to more countries in the EU region. 

Business Products

TrendyStickers can tailor solutions for your business.

We can decorate your office, café, store, windows and much much more. You can read more about our business solutions in our business section