TrendyStickers for your Business

TrendyStickers offers various solution for your business. We can manufacture wall stickers for e.g. decoration of your store or office – or deliver wallstickers which you can sell in your store.

Decorating Your Store

- Easily change your decoration every week!

Would you like to option of easily decorating your store so it changes along with new product ranges and campaigns?
Now you can with TrendyStickers! With TrendyStickers you can easily, quickly and affordably decorate your store with great looking designs of your own choice - And you can easily apply your decoration without any outside expertise.
TrendyStickers can be removed easily without leaving any trace or residue and in this way you can change the look of your store depending on seasonal changes, colors and expressions.

TrendyStickers can be applied to almost any surface or material so you have the option of decorating furniture, windows, mirros, countertops, floors etc.


Decorate Your Office

- Impress your visitors with stylish wall decorations in the office designed for the occasion!

With TrendyStickers you don’t have to move things around to change the mood of a room. You simply remove the previous design and put up a new one!

TrendyStickers are a cost-effective way of rapidly changing designs in connection with campaigns etc.

Contact us to learn more about what TrendyStickers can do for your business.