TrendyStickers Application Guide

It is important you follow our instructions for application of our stickers to achieve the best possible result. We recommend you read all our instructions before applying our stickers. You can also watch our instructional video for a walkthrough of the entire process. 

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1. The surface on which you apply your TrendySticker should be clean and dry. Make sure you clean the area where you want to apply your sticker thoroughly before starting. If the surface is wet or dirty your TrendySticker will not adhere very well.

2. Your TrendySticker is placed between 2 sheets of paper consisting of a transparent front and a back marked with a grid/writing. You need to remove the back before applying the sticker. Start with placing the sticker with the front facing down and use a flat object such as a ruler (or credit card) and rub on the back of the sticker.

3. Now you can remove the back sheet of paper from your sticker. Start in a corner and pull slowly towards the middle as evenly as possible. It is important to make sure that the sticker stays with the front sheet of paper whilst you remove the back. If you are having problems with a part of the sticker not staying with the front sheet - try rubbing on it some more as described in step 2.

4. When the back has been removed from the entire sticker then you are ready to apply the sticker to your surface of choice. Make sure that the sticker is placed exactly as you want it before applying - You can do this by raising your surface to a vertical position (if it is not already, such as a wail) and then starting with the top of the sticker which helps you in aligning it accurately horizontally.

5. With the top of the sticker placed on your surface, rub on it from the top with a flat object such as a ruler or credit card. Keep the sticker stretched by holding it at the bottom and keep it slightly elevated from the surface so it doesn't stick unevenly. By applying the sticker incrementally from the top down you can avoid any air bubbles forming beneath the sticker surface.

When you have finished applying the sticker, it is a good idea to rub and smooth out the sticker a second time. Please Note: When dealing with larger stickers (more than 45 cm tall) we recommend that you do not remove the entire back side before starting to apply the sticker. In this scenario you should only remove the first 5 cm from the top and then place the sticker on your surface of choice as described in step 4. As in step 5 you then apply sticker incrementally, but also remove the back portion of the sticker incrementally as you work your way down the entire sticker. Remember to smooth out and rub on the sticker with a flat object such as a ruler or credit card to avoid any air bubbles forming.

6. Finally you slowly pull off the front side from your sticker while making sure the sticker is adhering correctly to the surface. With larger and intricate designs on uneven surfaces this can be slightly challenging - here we recommend that you proceed as slowly and carefully as you can for best results.

If you end up with an air bubble after having applied your sticker you can remove it by poking it with a needle and smooth it out. Your TrendySticker can be removed by gently pulling on a corner. The sticker will not leave any sticky residue when removed.